Fisher-Price Basketball Hoops

Fisher-Price Basketball Hoops


Fisher Price Basketball Hoops for Your Child

Fisher-Price basketball hoops are a great product for those of you who have children that you would like to introduce to the sport of basketball.

There are several different models of Fisher-Price basketball hoops to choose from so no matter what age your child is, he or she will be able to enjoy this wonderful learning toy.

Fisher-Price is a much loved company that has been creating all sorts of fun, entertaining and educational toys for children of all ages. They are known for their high quality products that are built to last and provide lots of entertainment year after year.

Fisher Price Basketball Hoops

Interactive Fisher Price Basketball Hoops

The Fisher-Price basketball hoops that they have created are no exception. If you have a child that is interested in basketball or that you would like to bring the fun of playing sport to then this is a great toy. From babies to pre-teens, Fisher-Price has a basketball hoop that will give them plenty of enjoyment while teaching them about the sport of basketball.

All of the Fisher-Price basketball hoops we have listed have all received great reviews just showing once again that Fisher-Price creates products that both parents and children love.

Fisher-Price Basketball Hoops for Sale


Fisher-Price I Can Play BasketballFisher-Price I Can Play Basketball

This Fisher-Price basketball hoop is made for children 2 years old and up. It can be adjusted to four different hieghts, 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet high and has a sturdy base that you can weight down with water of sand. It has an easy to attach ball scoop that will allow for your child to practice free throws with out having to chase the ball. It also comes with a child sized basketball.






Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning BasketballFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Basketball

This Fisher-Price basketball hoop was created for younger children in an effort to teach learning concepts and language as well as foster thinking skills and problem solving. This basketball hoop has two modes of play and features music with ten different songs for your child’s enjoyment. It teaches letters, numbers and counting, shapes, colors, opposites and more. This interactive learning toy comes with two balls for your child.






Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Basketball Junior SetFisher-Price Grow to Pro Basketball Junior Set

This Fisher-Price basketball hoop is for children a little bit older and can be adjusted to four different heights to grow with your child. It has an easy to adjust rim that can go from 16 inches as you child starts learning to shoot the ball and make baskets to 12 inches as he or she becomes a “pro”. This basketball hoop comes with a ball so your child can start playing right away.






Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Dunk 'n Cheer BasketballFisher-Price Brilliant Basics Dunk ‘n Cheer Basketball

This Fisher-Price basketball hoop is for children who are 6 months old and up. It features interactive sounds when ever the child makes a basket and comes with a basketball slider, 2 rolling score keeping drums, and a wiggly-giggly teammate that the child can operate. It can be adjust to 4 different heights to grow with your child and comes with two soft basketballs.







No matter what age your child is there is a Fisher-Price basketball hoop to keep him or her entertained while learning the game of basketball. With a name like Fisher-Price making these products, you know you are getting a quality product for your children.

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