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Best Ear Protection for Shooting

Best Ear Protection for Shooting Owning the best ear protection for shooting, whether it be hunting or sport shooting, is extremely important if you want to avoid doing damage to your ears. Some people don’t realize the amount of damage that can actually be done to your hearing by being continuously exposed to loud noises […]


Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch So what is the best heart rate monitor watch made today? In this article we are going to talk about some of the different watch style heart rate monitors that you can find today and help you figure out which are the best for you and your training needs. There […]


2.1 Computer Speakers

2.1 Computer Speakers If you don’t know what 2.1 computer speakers are then this article will not only explain what they are but help you find the best 2.1 PC speakers made today. When looking at 2.1 speakers the 2.1 just means that you are getting two front speakers and a sub-woofer. Compare this to […]